About Me


From a very early age it always amazed me how much a good picture had to tell, the story behind it and the detail on the image. I found myself spending a lot of time just staring at the family portraits and some of my Dad’s landscape photographs and reliving those moments he captured on film. 

During my teenage years I started practicing with an old Canon camera we had at the house and enjoyed sharing the images I captured with my friends and family, it was great to be able to take them to the places I photographed and to have those memories available for me at any time. 

My daughters were born when I was in my twenties and that’s when I really had the chance to capture beautiful memories on film, and also realized the importance of having those special moments with you to share with them later in life. 

In my early thirties I bought my first professional camera and the passion started. The flexibility and performance of professional level equipment brought me to a career crossroads, and living in beautiful (sunny) Miami, Florida at the time, with so many places and people to photograph, I created Sunnyland Photography LLC, starting a new chapter in my life.